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Foosball Tables for Every Skill Set

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Kids and adults alike enjoy a foosball game every so often. This is a fun way to kill some free time, and best of all, you don’t necessarily have to be a skilled player.

Large foosball tables can be placed on hard surfaces or on carpeted floors, while tabletop models can sit on furniture as long as the base is fitted with non-scratch pads that will hold them in place. Typically though, a foosball table should feature 13 players on each team and have a standard length of 48 inches.

Starter foosball tables

A starter table is perfect for both children and adults who are not very skilled at the game yet. This type of table is built to be small enough for kids, but big enough for adults to play comfortably.

The handles with ergonomic grips also enhance comfort, while the simple ball return makes playing even more fun. In fact, an internal return system is needed so that the ball goes through the table all the way out into an exterior pocket, without hindering any of the players.

Some starter table models are also great for people on a budget. Obviously, a budget table won’t have the same level of sophistication as more expensive ones, but it can be equally entertaining. Just make sure it is not too smaller; a table about 40 inches long is suitable for one-on-one games, while it can also accommodate teams. Online you can find additional ideas for great budget tables.

Tables for experienced players

If you are a passionate, experienced player, or wish to enjoy foosball with the whole family, you will need to get a sturdy table that is designed to withstand regular wear and tear. It should also have solid, thick legs, maybe even with a metal crossbar between them.

Other useful features include score sliders placed conveniently behind the goal, as well as one or two cup holders on each end. Even if they are out of the way, you should still be able to fold them up whenever you don’t use them. The most important thing with all these optional accessories is that they are placed behind the goals, where none of the players can accidentally reach them while playing.

Finally, you can also set advanced foosball tables apart from the rest by their greater level of attention to detail. Often, these tables will feature players with painted hair and uniforms and a green play surface.