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4 Unique Features of a Gentleman

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Being born as a male child is not a personal choice like being a gentleman. It is not about class or age, but it narrows down to how a man carries himself, how he dresses and how he associates with people. It does not, however, work like a button such that you can switch from being a gentleman and the next moment you are not. You do not have to tell others that you are a gentleman, but your actions should show. The following are unique features of a gentleman.


Personal hygiene is an important aspect if you want people to respect you. Some simple things like how you organize your desk can either attract or drive away people from you. Women are very sensitive to odors which mean smelly socks or failure to brush your teeth can turn them off very easily. Keep your house tidy as well as the workplace as this shows the kind of lifestyle that you lead.

Keep promises

To many people, giving a promise is very easy, but it becomes hard when the time for fulfilling arrives. Being a gentleman requires you to give promises that you can fulfill and not hurt others. Be that person that friend can trust with his/her issues and is always true to his/her words. You should also trust in your abilities to see that you accomplish tasks that are within your ability.

Decent dresser

In the old days, many people thought that a gentleman should always rock a suit and a tie. The belief is now changing, and now people wear decent outfits according to the occasion. A gentleman will wear a unique wrist watch such as Audemars Piguet to give him a classy look that he deserves. A gentleman does not need to be flashy or trendy but just decent.


You do not need to copy your favorite celeb’s dressing code or next door neighbor’s lifestyle for you to succeed.  Be proud of who you are and live your life. Utilize your talents and help others grow whenever you can. Be that man that people can identify with a unique lifestyle and let it be your trademark. Do not look down on others who may not afford the kind of lifestyle that you lead.

Being a gentleman relies mostly on how you conduct yourself. You should also carry yourself in the same way even when others are not watching.

Tips to Book a Hotel in Europe

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If you are planning to visit Europe, Hamburg in Germany could be your first destination. The area offers enough for visitors who are out to study, engage in business, or just to relax and enjoy their vacation. With its cosmopolitan setup, you can expect entertainment for all cultures and new developments are on the rise. This article and other travel resources both try to explain how to book a hotel in Hamburg, Germany.

Booking the right hotel presents a big challenge to many visitors, especially with many facilities in the market. However, the bottom line is that every visitor can find a suitable hotel for his or her needs. Most modern hotels in Europe have top-notch facilities such as internet access, Wi-Fi, fitness center and more. What you need to know is the right place to book your hotel. It is advisable to find adequate information on various facilities based on previous user ratings. It is also important to compare prices of various hotels so you can choose what is ideal for your individual needs.

For example, Hamburg CBD has various hotels that give you the opportunity to explore various points of the city. Staying in the CBD also enables you to cut on transport costs since you can visit several places on foot.

Time to visit

You can plan your visit from May to September, during the warm weather. However, you should a reliable booking center and book early to avoid the rising prices during peak times. It is also advisable to schedule your visit to coincide with the fall when the place experiences fewer visitors. From January to April, winter starts and the temperatures are supposed to fall below twenty degrees. You can also book a hotel at this time because of the falling accommodation prices. Hamburg is full of events throughout the year. Popular events include romantic nights, Christmas markets, and Hamburg dorm among others.

What to see

As one of the largest cities in Europe, Hamburg attracts visitors from all lifestyles. It also offers several attractions to meet the demands of the visitors. With a strategic location near the sea and the mainland, the place is busy with commercial activities. Popular attractions in Hamburg include:

  • The Port of Hamburg: the area covers nearly 100km2. It is active with attractions including the tidal harbor and you can explore it by boat.
  • Hamburg City Hall: this attraction is right in the heart of the city. It features close to six hundred rooms to host several annual events.

That is not all about Hamburg. Once there, you can still explore other areas like Hamburg Museum, Altona, and more. With this piece of information, you can book your hotel in Europe with confidence. click here for more info.