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How is it Like Eating in Space?

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Space food is indeed an interesting topic. In fact, the subject has attracted multiple views as people seek to find out more about the food. Well, in keeping with the topic here’s how it feels like to eat in space.

Perishable Foods Need Special Storage

Think of a trip to space as a typical backpacking adventure. You will have to carry the correct clothing to protect you from the cold and enough food to last you through the entire trip. Naturally, you may take a portable cooler to store perishable food items.

Well, it may catch your attention to know that pretty much the same thing happens in space. The only difference is that astronauts don’t carry coolers or fridges, so they have to store perishable foods properly more so if the trip lasts a couple of days.

There’s Nothing Special about Cooking in Space

For starters, if you’ll embark on a trip to space, then you must know that you will prepare your food in the same way as you do here. Of course, the type of food determines the method that you’ll use to make your food. The food will be ready when you leave the earth, so all you’ll have to do is heat it using an oven. Nonetheless, you can still eat items such as fruits and cookies without warming them.

Salt is in Liquid Form!

Imagine spraying your food with liquid salt to make it tasty! Interesting, isn’t it? Well, that’s what happens in space. The primary reason salt (and pepper) come in liquid form is to prevent them from floating. In other words, if you took a slice of pepper to space, it will float away even before you get the chance to use it.

Other than that, there every probability that the salt pebbles will block the air vents. The salt may also get into your eyes or nose making it difficult for you to see or breathe. Also, the fact that food additives are in liquid form also means that you can enjoy your ketchup and mayonnaise syrup as well as mustard.

The Bottom Line

You will have your typical meals in the space just as you do here on earth. However, a nutritionist will select the items for you to ensure that you get the correct dose of vitamins and minerals. They’ll also work to make sure that the food provides your recommended daily calorie intake. And that how it is like to eat in space!