Top Hair Straightening Don’ts

by admin .

Nothing is more chic and timeless compared to a sleek and straight hairdo. However, achieving the pin-straight look isn’t as easy as you think. You will get to wage a few battles with the curls while trying to make them straight. Let us look at the mistakes you are making when trying to straighten your hair.

Don’t Use the Wrong Tool

Choosing the right straightener for your kind of hair is intimidating because of the many types to choose from. Visit Brushed Straight and read the reviews and narrow down on what is best for you.

Don’t Go after Wet Hair

You will hear the sizzle of the straightening brush over your wet hair. It is a sign from your hair that all is not good. Don’t be in a hurry – make sure you dry your hair adequately before you attempt to use the brush. Running the hot straightener through your wet hair ends up creating bubbles to build up within the hair strands. This causes damage to your hair, which can result in hair loss.

If you don’t have the time to wait for hair to dry, you can hit your blow drier first before you use the brush. This will reduce potential damage

Don’t Straight Every Day

If you keep on using the brush on your hair each day, you are in trouble. You will end up with dry and brittle hair that will be hard to manage. Use your brush once every few days so that you maintain the moisture in the hair. This moisture is what makes your hair smooth and shiny. Don’t destroy it.

Don’t Use the Brush on Over-processed Hair

If you are a fan of Kylie Jenner’s changing hair looks or you get your hair treated regularly, you need to go slow on the tool. If you are experiencing chemical or heat damage, it is best that you put the straightener down and try to restore the hair before you use the brush. This will make sure you achieve top results with little effort.

Closing Remarks

Anyone can achieve a straight hair look, but what sets you apart from the pack is how best you nail the look. Straight hair is advantageous because it suits different faces, and can go well with different attires as well. Make sure you have the right straightening tools for the job then avoid a few mistakes that you make during each session so that you stand out from the rest.